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Support the Mineta-Simpson Institute! Image of newly built wing at the Interpretive Center.

The Mineta-Simpson Institute will be a dedicated retreat space at Heart Mountain Interpretive Center, a home for workshops and programming specifically designed to foster empathy, courage, and cooperation in the next generation of leaders. Support the Mineta-Simpson Institute today!


Please make a personal commitment, and consider how you can connect us to individuals, businesses and foundations in your sphere of influence that would be interested in learning more about this exciting new endeavor. Support the Mineta-Simpson Institute.

Now is the perfect time to provide a historically significant place where people can gather to voice their opinions and find common ground. The Mineta-Simpson Institute at Heart Mountain—an expansion of our award-winning Interpretive Center—will provide such a place. The Institute will honor Norman Mineta and Alan Simpson, whose life-long friendship began at a Boy Scout Jamboree at Heart Mountain. These two young boys from different ethnic and political backgrounds founded a friendship rooted in respect. Today, respect is not common, but the Mineta-Simpson Institute—in the shadow of Heart Mountain—will provide a place where respect is possible.

Kathy Saito Yuille & Claudia Wade
HMWF Board Members & MSI Fund Co-Chairs

Relevant and engaging programming is key to the success of the Mineta-Simpson Institute at Heart Mountain.

These are just some of the offerings we are working on for this new space:

Leadership Workshops:

Targeted toward community organizers, public administrators, legislators, and other leaders on the local, state, and national level, these workshops will provide participants with practical ways to improve discourse, building alliances across political and ideological lines, and practice ethical leadership in their communities.

Educator Workshops:

The best way to effect future change is to start with the youth. These workshops will give K-12 educators the tools they need to meaningfully engage students in conversations about civic responsibility, civil rights, and social justice in their classrooms.

Maurice Walk Lecture Series:

The Institute will host top speakers and scholars from across the nation, presenting on topics that reflect both American history and issues of the present day. This series honors lawyer Maurice Walk, who resigned his government position in protest of the unconstitutional treatment of Japanese Americans.

Artist Series:

This series of performances and talks will reflect the arts tradition present within the Heart Mountain camp, and will recognize the important role the arts play in helping us to understand our shared history and build empathy with one another.

Public Programming:

We believe in the power of an informed and engaged citizenry. Throughout the year, we will offer public programs that encourage open dialogue and the exchange of ideas on issues of import to our communities.

Private Retreats:

The Institute will be available for rent to corporations, nonprofits, and other organizations who wish to impart their meetings with a sense of history and greater purpose. Programs and workshop sessions from trained Heart Mountain staff will also be made available to these groups.