Accessibility at Heart Mountain

Barrack front ramp entrance with Heart Mountain in the background, displaying accessibility

Accessibility at the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center and around the National Historic Landmark Site

Accessibility: Heart Mountain Interpretive Center, the original Heart Mountain barrack, and the Setsuko Saito Higuchi Interpretive Trail are ADA wheelchair accessible. A manual wheelchair is available in the Interpretive Center on a first-come, first-served basis. Service animals are allowed in the Interpretive Center.* 

Free audio guides are available in English, Japanese, Spanish, and German. Videos throughout the museum are subtitled and transcripts are available upon request.

Visitors to the Interpretive Center can watch our original documentary film “All We Could Carry.” Read the transcript here:

To help prepare for your visit, download our Social Story about what to expect when visiting Heart Mountain:

For more information or questions regarding accessibility, please contact info@heartmountain.org or 307-754-8000.

*Service animals are welcome to accompany visitors when they are needed, but general pets or animals are not allowed inside the Interpretive Center. Since this is a museum, we have historical artifacts on display to protect and specific safety protocols to uphold. The outside areas of our site are available to walk around with your pets, which include two different walking trails. Thank you for your understanding!