A total of 14,025 people lived at the Heart Mountain Relocation Center, making it the third largest city in Wyoming from 1942 to 1945. 556 babies were born, 148 people died, over 800 men and women served in the Armed Forces while 85 protesters who believed drafting incarcerees was unfair were charged with resisting the draft at Heart Mountain.

We call the first generation of immigrants to America Issei. The Nisei are the children of Issei, born in this country. Nisei were the first Japanese American citizens. Some second generation were sent back to Japan for schooling. We call them Kibei. Sansei are the children of Nisei, and Yonsei are the children of Sansei.

While many families opted for cremation of their loved ones, there were some buried at Heart Mountain. Once permitted to leave the camp, bodies were sent home with their family members. Six unclaimed bodies were reburied in the Powell (WY) Cemetery.

The Heart Mountain Relocation Center site is designated as a National Historic Landmark Site. However, we are managed entirely by the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation, a private foundation.

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