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Shinto blessing at the grand opening of Interpretive Center. Join Heart Mountain in preserving this history.
Rev. Alfred Tsuyuki gives a Shinto blessing during the dedication of the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center in 2011.
Photo by Kevin J. Miyazaki

The Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation relies on the support of our members and donors to advance our mission and take on new projects, including the restoration of original Heart Mountain structures. Join Heart Mountain in preserving the past, so that we can share all the lessons it holds for the future.

There is no better way to stay connected with and provide ongoing support to our organization than by becoming a member of the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation. Membership comes with numerous benefits, including free admission to the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center, a subscription to Kokoro Kara, our quarterly magazine, a discount in our gift shop, and more.

Our National Historic Landmark includes an award-winning interpretive center, walking trails, memorials, and several original camp structures, all in different stages of restoration. We’re so proud of the site, but preserving this history and providing an informative and authentic experience and space for visitors takes many resources and a team of dedicated professionals–we need your support!