Original Barrack

A complete, full-length barrack built at the “Heart Mountain Relocation Center” during World War II has come “home” to the National Historic Landmark site. With a tremendous response from individual donors and organizations, the barrack has been rescued from demolition near Shell, Wyoming—about 80 miles from Heart Mountain. Scroll down for the history of this building, ways to support the project, and guided film walk-throughs of the barrack.

History of the Heart Mountain Barrack:

After being moved from Heart Mountain, it was one of several barracks that the city of Greybull, WY used for veteran’s housing. It endured another move to the ISU geology field station in Shell, WY, in 1958.

Because it had been cut into three sections during these two previous moves, the building had to be moved back to Heart Mountain in three pieces to ensure its structural integrity. To maintain historical accuracy at the Heart Mountain site, the barrack has returned to where there once stood five barracks as part of the Military Police complex. 

It will now remain a fixture of the landscape that can speak not only to the Japanese American confinement during World War II but the extended Big Horn Basin history.

Support the Barrack Project:

In 2022, restoration efforts resumed. In 2023, the first exhibit was designed and is now expected to open late summer 2024. Your gift will help continue restoration efforts and the installation of additional exhibits. Donate today!

Barracks Films:

Heart Mountain Barracks Today

Filmed in 2021

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The Heart Mountain camp did not just vanish when the Japanese Americans left. Former Executive Director Dakota Russell explores the story of what happened to the Heart Mountain barracks in the years after the camp closed.

The Barracks

Filmed in 2021

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The Heart Mountain confinement site had approximately 450 residential barracks. Former VISTA Museum Educator Genesis Ranel introduces the original barrack recently returned to the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center, as well as barrack life.

Correction from the film: The barrack was sold to the town of Greybull, WY, and then moved to Shell, WY, to house students from Iowa State University.

Tour the Barracks

Filmed in 2020

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Tour the original Heart Mountain barrack with former Executive Director Dakota Russell as he discusses the steps we took to get it back to the Heart Mountain site and our future plans for this special piece of history.