Higuchi Family Portrait

Setsuko’s Secret: The Wyoming Story

Join us for a virtual book talk with Shirley Ann Higuchi, Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation chair and author of the new memoir, Setsuko’s Secret: Heart Mountain and the Legacy of Japanese American Incarceration. This event, the first in a series, will focus on the history and legacy of the Heart Mountain camp in the state of Wyoming. Shirley will be joined by special guest panelists Peter Simpson and Aura Newlin, who will discuss their own family connections to Heart Mountain.

Event timing: Saturday, September 26, 6:00pm MST

Shirley Ann Higuchi Board of Directors
Shirley Ann Higuchi
Peter Simpson Board of Directors
Peter Simpson
Aura Newlin Board of Directors
Aura Newlin

Co-hosted by the Park County Public Library and the Legends Bookstore, both in Cody, Wyoming.

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