Online Program: Kids Behind Barbed Wire

For Japanese American children, being taken from their homes and sent to Heart Mountain was a confusing and frightening experience. In time—and with lots of help from their families and friends—they learned to adjust to life in the camp. Heart Mountain Interpretive Center Executive Director, Dakota Russell, explores the experience of the children who were incarcerated at Heart Mountain.

This is a family-friendly program and we encourage you and the whole family to join us as we explore what growing up inside Heart Mountain was like.

Learn more about the experience of children at Heart Mountain in Shig Yabu and Willie Ito’s illustrated book Hello Maggie! and Shig’s book Boy of Heart Mountain.

You can also listen to a charming discussion with Shig and Willie from NPR’s Storycorps podcast here.

Read more about children’s experiences at Heart Mountain in the 2018 Spring issue of Kokoro Kara (page 15), our quarterly magazine.

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