Dusted Off special exhibit open now image featuring a braille to Japanese translation board

Dusted Off: Recent Acquisitions

Visit the interpretive center to view our current exhibit featuring some incredible objects from when Heart Mountain was operating during World War II.

When camp closed in November 1945, the government moved quickly to erase the Heart Mountain camp from the landscape. Today, the memory of camp lives on through physical items that were created, used, and saved by the 14,000 Japanese Americans incarcerated here and the white staff employed by the War Relocation Authority. The staff at Heart Mountain Interpretive Center works to unlock the stories contained in each artifact. The items in this exhibit were collected within the past two years, and represent only a fraction of the Heart Mountain collection.

Open now through May 2022

Featured artifacts:

Watch Executive Director, Dakota Russell, discuss one of our newest artifactual acquisitions. The telegraph key was housed in the Vocation train depot at Heart Mountain and taken by station master, Richard Mills, after the announcement of the end of the Second World War. Watch now to learn more about this fascinating artifact!